CryoPen: Everything You Need To Know

What is a Cryopen Treatment?

A cryopen treatment uses the power of cryotherapy to treat benign skin lesions fast and effortlessly with no pain. Used by professionals worldwide, the Cryopen has been at the forefront of tackling skin conditions with great success. In this blog, we will break down everything you need to know about Cryopen treatments, who can administer them, the different types of lesions they can treat and the performance benefits of using a Cryopen and cryotherapy as the device of your choice, lets begin!

Why Choose The Cryopen?

The cryopen has been specially formulated to deliver an ultra cold blast of nitrous oxide that freezes the lesion safely to removal. This allows the practitioner an exact temperature of -127 degrees with pinpoint accuracy to maximise the use and avoid wastage, making it a safe procedure that doctors and aestheticians can trust when treating their patients.

The cryopen comes with comprehensive training that is easy to follow and understand for medical professionals to be qualified to administer this treatment, allowing them to add it to the list of procedures they offer within their clinic.

Cryopen Training

Proper training is essential when looking to become a cryopen practitioner. We have specialised training programs led by industry experts that will guide you through protocols to professionally remove benign skin lesions with pinpoint accuracy using the Cryopen.

Online training alongside practical will give you all the tools that you need to administer these treatments yourself confidently. Our training has every base covered from understanding what is Cryopen, the main benefits of Cryopen, main features of the device, theory training, clinical indications, treatment indications contraindications and considerations, lesion analysis, treatment procedure and post-treatment advice… fully accredited by OCN and credit4learning.

What Can The Cryopen Treat?

The cryopen can treat many benign skin lesions that include the following

Common warts


Skin tags

Solar lentigines

Seborrheic warts

Cherry angiomas



Molluscum contagiosum



and Milia!

How safe is Cryopen cryotherapy?

Very! This device and procedure have been FDA approved and CE registered. This is what gives our practitioners comfort when treating patients, knowing that it has passed a rigorous standard for patient safety, whilst never sacrificing on results.


Before and After Cryopen Treatments

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