What is Dermatofibroma?

Dermatofibromas are usually single nodules that develop on limbs, most commonly the lower legs. 

A dermatofibroma is a common overgrowth of the fibrous tissue situated in the dermis. 

The overlying skin may be tethered, causing it to dimple when pinched. 

The colour of the lesion varies from the skin; from pink/red to cream/white to brown. 

It is benign (harmless) and will not turn into a cancer

Causes of Dermatofibroma

The exact cause of dermatofibroma is not clear. 

However, it is attributed to a reaction to trauma or minor injury such as prick from a thorn or insect bites. 

Certain patient groups can be more prone to developing dermatofibroma than others, but all can be treated effectively using cryotherapy and using the Cryopen device.

Sizes may vary between 0.5cm and 1.5 cm and can be mobile over subcutaneous skin. Occasionally multiple will form within just a few months, under the environment of immunosuppression. 

Treatment with CryoPen

During the treatment, a mild white frost should form evenly over the lesion. 

Following an initial freeze, the tissue should be allowed to thaw for about 30 seconds followed by a second freeze. 

After thawing, the tissue turns red-ish coloured and has the aspect of a zone of inflammation due to interstitial bleeding. 

Be sure to speak to one of our experts if you have any questions on how this treatment works.

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