Ephelides is the medial term for freckles. They are small, brown marks on the skin which is compromised of the protein melanin. Hundreds or even thousands of them can appear on exposed skin. 

Individuals with white skin that cannot tan (Fitzpartick skin phototype 1) are more likely to develop Ephilides. 


Ephelides are a genetically inherited characteristic. People with many ephilides have at least one copy of of a variant MC1R gene, which is the same gene that causes red hair.

Treatment with CryoPen

During the treatment, a mild white frost should form evenly over the lesion which is followed by a shiny effect. A successful endpoint is indicated by the visual darkening of the lesion immediately following the treatment.

After the treatment, the tissue turns red-ish coloured and may have a zone of inflammation due to interstitial bleeding. Ephelides typically disappear 10-14 days following treatment. 

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