Solar lentigines (age and sun spots, liver spots)

Solar Lentigines (Age and Sun spots, Liver spots)

What are they?

Lentigines are harmless flat brown lesions which do not darken following sun exposure. 

They can vary in size from 5-20 mm and well-circumscribed patches can be round, oval or irregular in shape. 

The colour of the spot can depend on your skin colour, especially if it is tanned, or darker brown.

They occur over the shoulders in young people, more common among those who have had more sun exposure and in the elderly on the sun exposed sites such as the dorsum of the hands and forearms, the face and the neck.


They are caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which causes accumulation of melanin within the skin cells.

They are very common, especially in people over the age of 40 years. They are also known as an “old age spot” or “senile freckle”.

Treatment with CryoPen

During the treatment, a mild white frost should form evenly over the lesion followed by a shiny effect. Your lesion will be darkening  immediately following treatment.

After the treatment, the tissue turns red-ish coloured and may have a zone of inflammation due to interstitial bleeding. 

Lentigines typically disappear 10-14 days following

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