The appearance of xanthelasma is yellow flat plaques over the upper or lower eyelids, most often near the inner canthus. They are a deposit of cholesterol underneath the skin. Although they are not painful or harmful it can be disfiguring. They represent areas of lipid-containing macrophages, but the exact pathophysiology is not known. In other areas of the body the individual lesion would be called, xanthoma; xanthelasma is the most common xanthoma. 


It is more common among people with with high cholesterol. They may occur more often in women than in men, and more commonly between the ages of 40-60.

Treatment with CryoPen

During the treatment, a mild white frost should form evenly over the lesion. A successful endpoint is indicated by a mild, white raised blister covering the entire lesion. 

Immediately after the treatment, the tissue turns red-ish coloured and has the aspect of a zone of inflammation due to interstitial bleeding. 

Be sure to speak to one of our experts if you have any questions on how this treatment works.

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