Powerful, Precise Cryosurgery by CryoPen

CryoPen uses advanced freezing innovation that is fast, effective and safe for removal of benign skin lesions on face and body

Clinical Procedures

CryoPen is suitable for clinical treatment of various benign skin lesions including skin tags, warts, pigmentation, angioma’s and many more.

Effective Treatments

Cryosurgery offers a comfortable, quick and precise treatment with no stress and no downtime.  It is also safe to use on delicate skin or around the eye area.

Quick and Painless Results

Treatments can be as quick as a couple of minutes for a basic skin tag with results shown in as little as 1 treatment. There is also no after-care needed for treatments.

Our CryoPen Device In Action

The Market Leading CryoPen

The market leading CryoPen devices are created and manufactured in Belgium and have been producing cryosurgery medical instruments for the last 24 years.

CryoPen is active in over 60 countries with continued advancements in podiatry, paediatrics, medicine and gynaecology.

CryoPen is a firm favourite of leading doctors, surgeons and aesthetic professionals.

CryoPen is both CE certified and FDA approved allowing for the safest Cryosurgery treatments.